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about me

I am a young design and technology enthusiast with a brilliant record of exceeding expectations and goals. With a few years of freelancing and contract work under my belt, I’ve been lucky enough to work on a large range of media from video and animation to promotional and cultural work for clients and audiences around the world.

I currently manage an international team of content & SEO specialists and developers based in the USA and India. Under my guidance, the team produces all kinds of promotional and internal media for members and clients around the world.

Being a team-lead at CodeClouds, I provide training and mentorship to many on a vast range of aairs helping employees grow and expand their abilities. Over the last 8 years, CodeClouds has successfully become the top and most innovative company for web development, Limelight CRM integration, mobile app development, Magento development and UX design.

I have had a keen interest in information technology since 2010 and since then have had vision of pursuing a strong career in technology. My excellent work ethics, tremendous work energy level, sound business consulting skills and indomitable attitude has helped me to relish skyrocketing knowledge and expansion over the years.

Reade Thompson-Trott in Sydney 2017

My name is Reade Thompson-Trott.
I design and develop websites.