Hey, you!

Hi all! My name is Reade Thompson-Trott. This site has been designed and developed by me to help showcase my skills in the form of a real world demo! (What's the point in 'promoting' my skills with some drag-n-drop WP template, right?

Feel free to have a look around! If you have any questions or just want to say hi, just hit the big blue contact button!

Curious about this site? Check out my stack info.

Reade Thompson-Trott designer

My Work

A personal portfolio curated over the last 12 months from a range of clients and customers.

Reade Thompson-Trott developer


Some background information of my personal and industry level history with Dev-Ops and development.

Howdy fellow designer! Add me on Linkedin and lets grow together!

Nah I'm good!

My name is Reade Thompson-Trott.
I design and develop websites.